Applications and Admission

Welcome to all our future students... 

Those who would like to study in the Department of American Culture and Literature at the undergraduate and graduate levels are advised to browse the general requirements below.

Disclaimer: The following information is presented here as a guideline. Our department does not take any responsibility for changes in application practices and procedures.  It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the relevant institutions/offices for the most up-to-date information concerning admission procedures.

 Undergraduate Admission (BA)

For Turkish citizens, admission is acquired through OSYM's Student Selection and Placement exams. For details and requirements, please check the appropriate application forms and tables. Click here for OSYM's English webpage.

80 students join the department annually as Freshmen.  Numerous foreign students are also admitted through OSYM's YOS exam, Erasmus, and similar exchanges.  All incoming students must take a proficiency exam (alternatively known as the Prep Class Exemption Exam) administered by the School of Foreign Languages. Those who pass the exam are automatically enrolled as students in the department, and are assigned a class (01 or 02), as well as an advisor.  New enrolled students must meet with their advisor during registration week. At this time, students will be provided with information about the department's curriculum, courses, credit system, and other general departmental principles and procedures. There is also a traditional "welcome party" organized by the Seniors for the incoming Freshmen during the Fall semester.

 Graduate Applications (MA and PhD)

The application procedure for the MA and PhD programs is administered by the Institute of Social Sciences. The Institute  announces its requirements and student quotas annually, and directs applications to the Department of American Culture and Literaure for evaluation. The department conducts written exams and interviews with candidates who pass the Institute's initial screening, and selects its gradute students from this pool.  The Insitute, not the department, publicizes the names of admitted students on a pre-determined date in July. Click here for Institute of Social Sciences webpage. 

 "Special" Graduate Student Applications

Students who did not take the departmental admission exams, or who were denied admission after taking the exams may attend graduate courses as "special" students. Special students are allowed to take one course per semester, and must complete the course requirements in order to receive credit.  If a special student is, at a later date, granted admission into  into the graduate program, all courses taken in the department are added to his/her total credits.

Special graduate status is acquired through direct application to the department.  Candidates are required to submit all undergraduate transcripts, as well as two signed and sealed reference letters to the department chair.  The department will then conduct a brief interview with the candidate in order to assess his/her academic background and potential.  The department reserves the right to accept or deny special student applications as it sees fit.